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Festival of Words Workshops offer a chance for participants to learn from established authors. Authors will lead students through invention techniques, helping you to write your own poem or prose. The sessions will not include critique-only writing, sharing; guidance and inspiration.

Workshops are available on a 1st come, 1st served basis. To reserve a place, please send a donation of $10 or more, and your place will be reserved.

PAYMENTS can be made through PAYPAL, or checks can be mailed to Festival of Words, P.O. Box 252, Grand Coteau, LA 70541

Do you love to read comics? I have been a huge fan of comics since I was a little girl. Not only did I spend hours reading comics every day, but I also used to draw all the time in my diaries. So it is quite natural for me to think "I should make comics about this!" whenever something interesting happens in my life.

Making comics about your life is a great way to process what is happening around us.

Comics is a complex medium that gives us the infinite possibility to tell our stories. In this workshop I will give you a taste of the basic comics-making process. I hope this workshop will activate your mind and show you how easy and fun it is to make comics about your life. You can apply the lessons from this workshop to make any kind of comics you like.

Max Enrollment: 15 (12 seats left)

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